Meet our 20 ambassadors

We are pleased to introduce these employees who have been selected from across Canada and the United States to give life to the celebrations through their enthusiasm.

Their role

Our 20 dynamic ambassadors will help bring energy to the 125th anniversary festivities. The objective is to bring visibility to the anniversary in administrative offices and subsidiaries across iA Financial Group.

The role of the ambassadors will be to support the 125th anniversary committee in promoting anniversary-related activities in their respective offices. Their duties will include:

  • Promoting activities or contests in their respective offices and communicating them internally if necessary
  • Encouraging employees to take part
  • Answering questions related to the anniversary

Note – The time investment will not be significant and will be based on the availability of each ambassador.

Please note that distribution is based mainly on the concentration of staff at each office or subsidiary. Where necessary, the anniversary committee or ambassadors will be responsible for contacting employees working at locations not listed.

Our 20 ambassadors

Myriam Guimond Career network

Chicoutimi Agency

Catherine-Fée Paquin iA Financial Group
(2000, McGill College) Greater Montreal

Isabelle Gaudet iA Securities
(2200, McGill College) Greater Montreal

Jean-Pierre Doucet iA Financial Group
(680, Sherbrooke) Greater Montreal

Kimberly Hampshire iA VAG
(Brossard) Greater Montreal

Mélanie Arbour iA Excellence
(Métropolitain Blvd) Greater Montreal

André Bernier INVESTIA/NFIA/Solicour
(6700, Pierre-Bertrand) Quebec City

Guylaine Robichaud iA Financial Group
(1150, Grande Allée) Quebec City

Hubert Gagné iA Financial Group
(925, Grande Allée) Quebec City

Matthieu Bonnier iA Financial Group
(1091, Grande Allée) Quebec City

Sébastien Côté iAAH
(925, Grande Allée) Quebec City

Thomas Drolet iA Financial Group
(1080, Grande Allée) Quebec City

Meghan Légère iA Clarington
(522 University) Toronto

Troy Harrison iA Clarington
(26 Wellington) Toronto

Véronique Girard iA Financial Group
(522 University) Toronto

Victoria Polera Forstrong/iA Investment/T.E. Financial
(26 Wellington) Toronto

Anabela Abreu iA Financial Group

Salima Chmilar iA Financial Group

Michelle Wylie-Paterson FundeEX/iAS/NFIA/Investia

Stacy Fisher iA American